Historical & Social Documentary Film Maker in Chennai

As an award-winning Documentary Film Maker in Chennai, Kombai S Anwar of Media Kombai offers you a great and effective storytelling experience. Documentaries are a great way of narrating past events or present-day hard realities and stories through the visual medium. Be it historical, social, political, environmental, the documentary genre has radically evolved in recent years and we at Media Kombai can proudly boast of ourselves as the leading Documentary Film Maker in Chennai.

Why is Media Kombai the top Documentary Film Maker in Chennai?

From making documentary films showcasing historical monuments to shooting for short films, we have proved ourselves time and again as the best in the profession. Our skills and work speaks for itself and so do our projects and the list of esteemed clients and organisations that we have served till date.

One of our prestigious projects was to make a series of short films on the history of the ‘Big Temple at Thanjavur’.The project was commissioned by the‘Archaeological Survey of India’ to commemorate the 1000th year celebrations of the Big Temple.

Our film ‘Yaadhum’ (ALL), was featured in the prestigious Hindu Literary festival, in 2014, and has been awarded as the Best documentary film for 2013 by ‘The Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers Cultural Association’. Yaadhum won the Bronze Remi in the Ethnic / Cultural category at the 48th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, USA, 2015.

Impressed by our work, the Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA) chose us to film the temple life at Madurai for screening it at their gallery on Hinduism. So has the Linden Museum – Stuttgart, Germany, which for its forthcoming exhibition on Tamil Culture is relying on our films.

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