Architecture and Dance photography

As they say ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a camera positioned at the right angle and right time (for outdoors) can do wonders.

Be it architecture or dance, the constant interplay of straight lines and curves with ever-changing patterns of light is a fascinating spectacle for an artistic eye. At Media Kombai, we understand how even without people, a building can come to life at certain times of the day, with the play of light of the sun, thrusting shadows on its walls.

And of course, when the sun has set and the dark night is still a few minutes away, there is still magic waiting to be captured. At that moment properly positioned artificial lights can bring magic in collaboration with the sunset sky.

At Media Kombai, using photography we try to tell a story through our images, focusing on interesting details that make the place special, with or without its people for perspective and the mood.

With dance photography, where the constant interplay of form and light is a creator’s delight, offering breadth-taking possibilities, our team loves to capture the fluidity in the movements.

It is like a duet of sorts between the dancer and the photographer as they both lose themselves in their respective art forms, performing to the best of their abilities.

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