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“Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real. - Ansel Adams

With over 20 years of experience as the leading Corporate Photographers in Chennai and Corporate Film Makers in Chennai, we at Media Kombai can create a wide range of visuals meant to catch the attention of viewers and prospective clients. If you are looking for high-quality pictures to market your products, then Media Kombai is where you need to go.

As we live in digital times, it's easy to lose the people’s attention, which is why photo and video quality both merit so much thought. To catch the viewers attention, a lot of creativity and thought process goes into the making of a visual, be it a photograph or a video. That is why our output is basically storytelling through visuals.

Founded and led by photographer and filmmaker Kombai S Anwar, our crew has travelled extensively to capture wonderful images of corporate photographs or for our clients from various sectors. Kombai’s expertise and his leadership is what has carved the success of Media Kombai.

What Sets Us Apart?

While the core attributes of the photography and film making domains are the same, there are fine differences. Only a few experienced professionals can successfully dabble in both to bring a creative synergy, and offer you continuity to your visual imagery-based publicity campaigns. We at Media Kombai understand this and hence your search for best Corporate Photographers in Chennai and Corporate Film Makers in Chennai ends with Media Kombai.

As one of the best corporate photographers in Chennai, we have consistently delivered amazing images to our clients. Being the leading corporate film makers in Chennai and with a dedicated filmmaking crew and proven expertise, our clients have benefitted immensely from our filmmaking skills. Over the years, we have shot stunning photographs and fine-crafted top-notch corporate videos.

Our Mission at Media Kombai is fourfold-

  • To be the best Corporate Photographers in Chennai
  • To be the best Corporate Film Makers in Chennai
  • To be the best Corporate Video Production Agency In Chennai
  • To be the best Industrial Photographers In Chennai

With our proven creative synergy between the two domains, Photography, and Films, we at Media Kombai are here to offer you the best Corporate Photography in Chennai and the best Corporate Film Making in Chennai.

Our clientele includes several top companies, educational institutions, and SMEs. With prestigious projects such as photographing the ‘Raj Bhavans of Tamil Nadu?as well as making films on the 1000-year-old heritage wonder ?‘the Big Temple at Thanjavur? and winning awards, we at Media Kombai, with our creative synergy in the two specialized domains, are better placed to offer you the best of both ?Corporate Photography services and Corporate Film making services in Chennai.

Our Services

With over two decades of experience, working with some of the leading institutions/companies, Indian as well as MNCs, Media Kombai, understands your requirements very well. Be it Corporate Photography, Industrial Photography, Architecture Photography, Interior-Exterior Photography, Corporate Films, or Corporate Videos, we deliver quality output consistently and on par with international standards.

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